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Gone Hunting: Part 1

Vintage Woolrich Hunting Coat.  Purchased from a dealer in the Hudson Valley.  I have no idea how to date these things, but if I had to guess I’d say circa 1950’s.  If anyone can properly date don’t hesitate to chime in.

The ubiquitous Woolrich hunting coat is an undeniable classic.  The familiar red and black check is as much a symbol of Woolrich mills as it is an archetype of 20th century rugged America.  This particular iteration is beautifully constructed from some of the heaviest wool I’ve handled.  Four button closure, two slant hand pockets, and two front flap pockets.  A hidden game pocket is located on the bottom back of the jacket.

Despite its penchant for being “costumey,” urban lumberjack-esque, and a little bit heavy-handed on the Americana trend, I’ve resolved to wearing the coat more often in the cold upstate winters.  Check eBay or your local vintage dealer as they turn up quite often.

The tag has long since worn out.

Soft beige wool lining and interior cuffs.

Front pockets, beige wool facing, and cotton pocket bags.  Note the thick thread and reinforced stitching at the mouth of the pocket.

Vertical pockets give access to the hidden game pouch on the back of the coat.

Game pouch lined in green rubberized material.  My favorite detail.

Stick around for Part 2 coming soon.


Dad’s Closet: Vintage Sweatshirts

This is the first installment of a short series named “Dad’s Closet.”  These garments are pulled straight from my father’s dusty cedar closet, a modest time capsule in his Buffalo, NY home.  While far from a sartorial aesthete, my dad was fortunate enough to grow up in an era when clothes were made domestically and made well — even the cheap garb.

These two sweatshirts date from the mid-1960’s.  Buffalo’s Temple Beth Zion youth group, of which my father was a member, was then a part of a national organization of reform Jewish youth groups.  This organization was known as the National Federation of Temple Youth, or NFTY.  The national organization was further subdivided into regions, and Buffalo belonged to the Northeastern Lakes Federation of Temple Youth, or NELFTY.  Amusingly, the former name was the Lake Erie Federation of Temple Youth, using the acronym LEFTY.  The organization’s name was understandably changed in the 50’s during the McCarthy era.  As my dad notes, “it seemed like a particularly bad idea for a group of Jews to be running around calling themselevs LEFTY.”

Well worn nap of the terry cloth.

Stretched out collar.

Possible sweat-stains?  (Dad’s gross.)

50 years of wear-and-tear.

Welcome to Mister Small

This is my new blog.  It replaces my previous tumblr blog, Wingtip.  With any luck, Mister Small will serve as an anthology of the stuff I like.  This includes but is not limited to old clothes, new clothes, furniture, dry goods, personal style, lifestyle, architecture, photography, video games, et al.

I hope you enjoy.


photo credit: Jonathan Capozzi, 2009